Risk Management

Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Management Made Simple

Move past traditional paper-based and spreadsheet systems with ease, standardise your risk management compliance, with our help, start working in your business, not on it.

Why Docsies?

We know risk management, we know the built environment, and we know that harnessing digital technology to deliver value is a winning formula. Here at Docsies we take a modern approach to data collection and reporting. We are unburdened by legacy systems, and instead are a hyper-agile organisation combining innovation and a subscriber-centric business model to help you.

Empower Your Site Team

Help your site team raise the bar for quality. Capture standardised and reliable data in the field, quickly. Use innovative QR and barcode technology to simplify surveys and inspections. Galvanise your team by allowing them to work concurrently on projects with our seamless mobile handover capabilities. Issue reports in real time, with mobile sign off technology for quality control on the fly.

Our Products

Our cloud computing software is a suite of apps with a web-based interface that allows simple and intuitive data capture in the field, from the surveying of asbestos and hazardous materials, through to air monitoring and clearances.

Airdocs Hazdocs

Our steamlined hazadous materials surveying app

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Airdocs Clearance

Our clearance app for finalising asbestos remediation projects.

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Docsies AirDocs

Our intuitive air monitoring app for running asbestos and SMF projects from start to completion. This module is due to be upgraded to enable capture of additional occupational hygiene contaminants and mould. Watch this space...

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It’s time to leave behind traditional systems, and start automating
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Help Your Clients

Help your clients easily track their portfolio risks, and manage and organise all their reports through our intuitive web based portal - they can even see the progression of projects in real-time.

You will also help your clients manage the flow of data to their users as they invite contractors, QR code buildings and materials and export reports in the format they wish.

Integrate With Your Laboratory

Docsies lab enables live, secure and streamlined automated analysis services, whilst maintaining a focus on customer services. Touchscreen enhanced capabilities increase the effectiveness of sample analysis delivery through integrations with apps, single tap standardised data entry and real time sign off.